Composite Bonding

Treatment time: 30-45 minutes appointment per tooth treated
Cost For Mild Bonding: from £249 (per tooth)
Cost For Moderate Bonding: from £349 (per tooth)

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Repair, Improve & Boost your smile

Would you like to enhance the way your smile looks?

Do you have a chipped or damaged tooth that you would like fixed, or just fancy a quick and simple makeover?

Are you self-conscious about your smile, and lack confidence at social events and when the camera comes out?

Composite bonding could be the perfect fast, pain free and effective treatment for you.

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What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a very effective and easy way to repair damaged teeth and improve their overall appearance. We can also design a new smile, changing the colour, shape and shade of one tooth, or multiple teeth to achieve your ideal result. Composite material is highly aesthetic, and looks just like natural tooth enamel once in place. It is bonded straight to your natural tooth in layers, with no damage to the healthy tooth required.

As there is no need to prepare the tooth before the treatment, we can repair a chipped tooth or fill small gaps in just one quick appointment. Our dentists are highly skilled at using composite material to create an improved yet natural looking appearance.

What does the treatment involve?

We start by cleaning the tooth and drying the area where the composite will be built up. Using a special gel, we prepare the tooth surface so the bonding material has something to adhere to.

We ensure the composite material matches the natural shade of your tooth, or use your desired new shade. We apply it in layers, gradually building up the correct shape. The composite is then hardened using a UV light.

We polish your tooth, leaving the composite material looking glossy and smooth. We provide you with some advice on how to care for your tooth and leave you to show off your new smile!

Before and Afters

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Is composite bonding painful?

No, composite bonding is not at all painful. None of your natural tooth is removed to make way for the composite, and the bonding procedure is completely pain-free and comfortable.

Is the bonding process reversible?

Yes, composite bonding is reversible. If you decide you no longer want the composite material on your teeth, it can be safely and easily removed, leaving your teeth as they were before. The composite material doesn’t affect your natural tooth enamel at all.

How long does it last for and does it chip or discolour?

The amount of time your composite bonding will last on your tooth varies depending on your individual case. There are various factors that can affect it, including the position of the bonding, your biting forces and lifestyle and dietary habits. Typically, bonding lasts between 2-10 years. Don’t worry though, our dentists will discuss this with you in detail before undertaking any treatment.

Can composite bonding be repaired or replaced?

Yes, it is easy to repair or replace the composite bonding should it be needed. This can be done in a single appointment by safely removing the entirety of the old bonding material and replacing/repairing with new composite.

Can I eat normally after my appointment?

The composite is set and hardened during your appointment, so you can eat on it straight away. However, it is best to avoid very hard foods or chew on the opposite side of your mouth for the first couple of days, to give it time to settle.

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