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Happy, Healthy, Lifelong Smiles

At One Two Three Dental, we help our younger patients manage their oral hygiene through routine dental health examinations and ongoing support with their dental care.

We focus on making them feel comfortable and confident in the dental setting, educating on how to care for their teeth and preventing dental problems. We hope and feel this gives our children the best chance of having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile throughout life.

Managing children’s dental care is a team effort. We work together with the family, giving advice and continual support so that young teeth get the care and attention they deserve at home as well as at the practice.

Treatment steps

Book your family appointment with us.

Bring your children along with you to familiarise them with our practice and process.

Let us begin caring for their dental health at a young age.

Set your children on the path to excellent dental health for life!

General care

Dental care starts from the moment the first teeth start to grow. It’s always best to introduce children to the dental practice at a young age, helping them to get familiar with their dental care and what to expect when visiting the practice.

For children to receive the best care, we recommend visits every six months. These routine dental health examinations involve a thorough check of how the teeth are developing. We can spot any problem areas and work to prevent issues, such as cavities, from arising.

An important part of these check-ups is giving lessons on how to keep on top of oral hygiene at home. We give brushing advice, how best to clean in between teeth and also advice on how to avoid sugary foods that cause havoc on young teeth.

Children’s Orthodontics

As teeth develop and grow, any bite issues start to show themselves. Teeth don’t always grow the way we’d like and we have to sometimes take steps to move teeth into a better position in order to prevent future problems.

If we believe your child would benefit from orthodontic treatment, our dentists will assess their need for treatment and decide on what would be best. We have a great range of options to ensure that the treatment they receive is perfect for their needs. We can help with more complex bite issues, such as a significant overbite or underbite, as well as mild misalignment and crooked teeth.

Find out more about straightening

Fissure Sealants

We can give teeth the best chance at a healthy long life with preventative treatments like fissure sealants. Fissures are the thin grooves on the chewing surfaces and no matter how well they are brushed, bacteria can still collect within them and potentially cause decay. A fissure sealant is a safe plastic coating applied to the tooth to stop food particles and bacteria from settling in these hard-to-clean grooves.

This preventive treatment is normally given to children whose permanent teeth are starting to emerge, usually between six and seven years. The application process is quick and easy, and there is no need for anaesthetic or drilling.

Fluoride Varnishes

We can apply fluoride varnish to the surface of the teeth to strengthen enamel and help protect young teeth from decay. This quick, painless treatment is usually given to children over three, as an additional form of protection alongside regular brushing.

Fluoride varnish is a highly concentrated form of fluoride that comes as a yellow, fruity smelling gel. It slows down decay by strengthening the enamel, making the outer layer of the tooth more resistant to attacks from acid. It is not a permanent treatment, but it does stay in contact with the enamel for several hours.

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When should my child first visit the dentist?

We recommend that you begin bringing your child to your dental check up appointments from a very young age, to familiarise them with the practice environment. If they are comfortable with visiting the dentist from around 12 months old, or as soon as their first teeth come through, they are much less likely to become anxious or frightened as they grow. We are able to check the teeth are developing properly and give advice on teething, thumb sucking and preventing issues later in life.

How often does my child need to have a dental check up?

We usually suggest your child has a check up every six months, in line with your own check up appointments. However, you may be advised to come more or less often, depending on their individual case.

When should I start cleaning my child’s teeth?

You will need to start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they appear, to avoid decay or future problems. Setting up an oral hygiene routine for your child at an early age, including brushing twice a day, will set them up well for excellent dental health for life.

Do I need to supervise my child brushing their teeth?

Yes, we recommend you supervise and check your child is brushing properly until they are around 8 years old, when they are old enough to brush alone. From around 3 years of age, allow your child to brush their own teeth first, before checking and helping them afterwards.

Do I need to see the dentist when my child’s baby teeth fall out?

By age 7, your child should have lost their first baby tooth. You shouldn’t need to see us when your child loses a baby tooth, as this is a natural part of their development. Once the tooth falls out, the replacement permanent tooth can take a few months to come through, which is completely normal. Your dentist will keep an eye on your child’s teeth at their regular check ups. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or worries about your child’s teeth.

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