Teeth Whitening

Treatment time: around 3 weeks
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Brighten your teeth and make your smile Sparkle!

Are you unhappy with your dull and discoloured smile?

Do you dream of dazzling white teeth that you can show off with confidence?

Are you looking for a fast way to a whiter smile for an upcoming special occasion?

Teeth whitening is a safe, simple but amazing way to enhance and transform the colour of your smile.

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Why choose teeth whitening?

Teeth naturally start to lose their sparkle over time, becoming stained and yellowing in appearance. This is part of the natural ageing process, but is worsened by factors such as frequently drinking or eating dark and rich coloured foods and drinks, smoking and certain medications. Whitening treatment can dramatically enhance your smile by removing stains, reversing discolouration and giving it a healthier looking appearance.

In many cases, whitening is all you need to transform the look of your teeth and help you find your confident, winning smile again.

Which whitening systems are available?

One Two Three Dental Tailored Cosmetic Whitening

With our tailored cosmetic whitening, our team creates bespoke and handmade whitening trays just for you. Professional whitening gels are used inside these trays, which are worn either through the day or whilst you sleep for a few weeks. This allows the teeth to be gently, safely and very effectively whitened. The whitening trays are custom made for you, and can be reused many times to provide top up treatments and maintain your sparkling smile.

Enlighten Evolution Cosmetic Whitening

We are proud to be accredited as an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence. Revolutionary Enlighten whitening is the UK leader in teeth whitening, giving outstanding results. Enlighten combines 14 days of home whitening with one in-surgery session to achieve a beautifully brighter smile. Like our tailored cosmetic whitening, Enlighten uses bespoke and handmade whitening trays, created just for you, and works with professional whitening gel. The results last indefinitely, because as long as the whitening trays are worn for just six nights per year following treatment your smile will stay dazzlingly white.

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What is tooth whitening?

Whitening combats the natural processes which cause teeth to become less white and darker in colour. As we age, our teeth naturally become darker and more yellow. In addition, elements in our diet can stain our teeth, especially drinks heavy in tannins such as red wine, tea and coffee. Smoking also stains the teeth. Whitening acts to safely break down these stains and brightens your teeth, restoring them to their former, whiter glory.

How does teeth whitening work?

If you can minimise your intake of things that discolour your teeth, such as drinking coffee or red wine, eating richly coloured foods or smoking, this will help your teeth stay whiter for longer. You should also attend for regular dental health examinations and hygiene appointments to assess and maintain your oral health. We also recommend that you periodically top up your whitening using your existing custom made trays to maintain your bright smile.

Are there alternatives to teeth whitening?

There are some other ways to achieve lighter teeth, but these are not as effective as teeth whitening treatment. We recommend you have a thorough hygiene appointment and airflow stain removal treatment prior to beginning teeth whitening. This removes all plaque, tartar and surface staining, and will brighten your smile. However, this removes staining on the surface of your teeth only, and will not lighten their actual colour or change the yellow shade. You will need professional tooth whitening to change the shade and colour of your teeth.

Sometimes, composite bonding, veneers or crowns can be placed on your teeth as alternatives to teeth whitening. These will be designed and constructed just for you and can be made to any brighter shade. This will create a fantastic bright, natural and beautiful smile. These options have their own benefits and negatives, and our dentists will discuss this with you.

Is tooth whitening safe?

Teeth whitening is a completely safe process when provided by a dental professional. We can advise you how to whiten your teeth and are able to keep an eye on your teeth during treatment. Often your teeth can become sensitive while you are wearing the whitening gels, but this settles after the treatment has completed.

What does the tooth whitening procedure involve?

Our expert dentists will examine your teeth and gums and discuss your teeth whitening options. We take digital scans of your teeth in order for your custom trays to be made. When your trays arrive a couple of weeks later, we check the trays fit correctly before starting your teeth whitening treatment that day.

Is there any reason why I might not be able to have tooth whitening?

Whitening gels can irritate damaged teeth and gums and also prevent healing. We will need to treat any gum disease and tooth decay that may be present before you are able to start teeth whitening treatment.

Can I have my teeth whitened when I’m pregnant?

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to avoid teeth whitening treatment due to the possible effect of the gel on the growing child.

What if I have crowns or veneers?

Teeth whitening treatment is not effective on crowns, veneers or dentures, and will not change their colour. We advise patients who want to have teeth whitening to proceed with the knowledge that they may wish to replace crowns, veneers or dentures if they do not match with the new brighter shade of your teeth.

How long does tooth whitening last?

Teeth whitening lasts for many years. Teeth always remain susceptible to discolouring so we recommend periodically ‘topping up’ your whitening to maintain the bright shade. The rate of discoloration varies based on your lifestyle choices, diet, overall health and oral hygiene. Remember that if you go ahead with custom made trays then the dentist will advise on the top up whitening methods to help you maintain your new smile.

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