Dental Health Examinations

Treatment time: 15-50 minutes
New Patients – £75
Existing Patients – £62.56
Membership Plan patients – included

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Maintain your Healthy, Happy and Beautiful smile

Is your mouth healthy and disease free?

Are there any ticking timebombs or undiagnosed problems?

Do you just need a little help to maintain your sparkle?

At One Two Three Dental, we routinely provide a much more comprehensive Dental Health Examination than many practices, designed to assess all areas of your mouth to help give you the tools to prevent decay and gum disease. We focus on early diagnosis and prevention of dental health problems.

Treatment steps

Book your Dental Health Examination with us.

Tell us your concerns. Our dentists will assess your dental health & diagnose problems.

We will explain our findings, discuss options and provide any care required.

Enjoy your healthy smile and allow us to regularly examine and maintain this.

What does your Dental Health Examination involve?

Our Dental Health Examinations are very comprehensive and, at each appointment, we assess all areas of your teeth and gums as well as looking at your overall health. The structure of our Dental Health Examinations to assess 17 key areas follows:

Important areas we discuss at each appointment

  • How healthy you feel your teeth and gums are
  • If you have any dental problems to report
  • The impact of diet on your dental health
  • The impact of your lifestyle on your dental health
  • A progress check from your previous appointments
  • How satisfied you are with the appearance of your teeth and gums
  • If you have any medical issues which may affect your dental health or treatment

Vital checks we carry out at each appointment

  • Health and strength of your teeth
  • Health and stability of previous dental restorations
  • Health of the lining of your mouth (visual oral cancer check)
  • Health of your gums
  • Presence of damaging plaque
  • Health of your jaw
  • Health of your glands
  • Comfort and accuracy of your bite

Less often, we perform two important checks using x-rays, looking at:

  • The health of areas inside, under and between your teeth
  • Changes in bone quality

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How often do I need to have a dental health check up?

Typically, we recommend you visit us for a dental check up every six months. However, we may suggest you book your next appointment at a longer or shorter interval, depending on your specific dental needs.

What happens if you find any issues during my examination appointment?

If we identify any problems or areas of concern during your examination, we tell you straight away and form a treatment plan to resolve these before they become more serious. This is the main benefit of a regular dental check up, as we are able to diagnose and treat any issues quickly and effectively, before they become more costly and time consuming in the future.

How long will my dental health examination take?

Your dental health examination will usually take around 20 minutes, although it will be longer if it is your first appointment with us as this is more detailed to allow us to get to know you and your dental health.

Can I bring my young children with me?

Yes! We believe it is so important to familiarise young children with visiting the dentist and the practice surroundings from a young age, to help avoid any nerves or worries later. You can bring your children along to your appointment from the time their first teeth appear, as we can check everything is developing well.

Do I need to clean my teeth before my appointment?

Yes, please try to brush and floss before your appointment, as this will help us initially assess your teeth and gums clearly, making it easier for us to diagnose any issues.

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