Root Canal Treatment

Treatment time: 60-150 minutes
Cost: from £410.85*

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Save your tooth, Eliminate pain and infection, Avoid an extraction

Are you in lots of pain from a ‘problem tooth’?

Have you got a badly broken down or decayed tooth?

Don’t want to lose a tooth?

An infection in the inside of your tooth and surrounding area can be extremely painful and cause you to avoid chewing and speaking for fear of making it worse. With root canal treatment, we can remove the infected pulp, stopping your pain, saving your natural tooth and restoring the function.

Treatment steps

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Why have root canal treatment?

An infected tooth is not a pleasant experience, causing pain, sensitivity and swelling. With root canal treatment, we are able to save teeth that can’t otherwise be repaired with a standard filling or crown. The treatment also stops the risk of infection spreading beyond the tooth and to other areas in the mouth.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment is not painful. In many cases, patients feel a great sense of relief after treatment, as they are no longer in pain and their tooth has returned to normal function once more.

What is involved in the treatment?

We use modern, effective and safe local anaesthetic techniques to ensure you remain comfortable throughout treatment. We identify the infected root canal system within your tooth and then flush the root canals with an antibacterial solution to ensure all bacteria is removed.

We then shape the delicate canals, and fill and seal them. The tooth is rebuilt, restoring shape and function. If the infection has caused any discolouration, we can use internal bleaching to return the original colour.

The root canal treated tooth is protected often with a crown, and will be long lasting if cared for correctly.

Before & Afters

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How long does a root canal treated tooth last?

A successfully repaired tooth can last for many many years, if not a lifetime. It will function just as your other teeth do, and needs to be cared for as part of your normal oral hygiene routine.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

Root canal treatment provides significant relief from the pain of the infected or badly damaged tooth. We use modern, effective and comfortable local anaesthetic techniques for the treatment itself, avoiding any discomfort and helping you feel relaxed.

Can root canal treatment fail?

Like with any treatment, root canal treatments can fail occasionally. However, in most cases treated teeth last for many years with no issues. Failure can sometimes occur many years after treatment, and can be due to a new problem like a fracture, new decay or damage.

Is root canal treatment safe?

Yes, just like with other dental treatments, when performed by a qualified and experienced dental professional, root canal treatment is perfectly safe.

What can I do if I don’t want root canal treatment?

The only alternative to root canal treatment is for us to remove the infected tooth. We view extractions as a last resort, and will always prefer to save your natural tooth if we can. A missing tooth can cause further issues with eating, support to your facial structure and your overall appearance. It can also incur further costs if you have a bridge, denture or implant fitted to fill the gap. We are happy to talk to you about your options.

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