Treatment time: from 90 minutes (typically over two appointments)
Composite Veneer – from £349 per tooth
Porcelain Veneer – from £791 per tooth*

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*Fee quoted includes 20% discount for membership plan patients.

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Transform, Refine & Enhance your smile

Are you self-conscious of your teeth and lack confidence in your smile?

Would you like to improve the way your smile looks and long to show it off?

Are one or more of your teeth chipped or damaged, making you want to hide your smile?

Veneers could be the ideal cosmetic treatment you have been looking for to transform the appearance of your smile. They are a long-lasting and fixed solution, able to improve the strength of your teeth. We offer a range of veneer options using the most up to date materials, with exceptionally wonderful aesthetics.

Treatment steps

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We will prepare your teeth for your veneers, design the ideal shape, colour and appearance and then expertly fit them

Enjoy your beautifully enhanced smile!

What are veneers?

Veneers are a very popular and versatile treatment, used to enhance the overall appearance of your teeth and create a ‘celebrity’ perfect smile. They are fitted to the front surface of the affected tooth to completely cover damage, discolouration or an uneven shape with a beautiful natural veneer.

The treatment for veneers is quick and effective, with minimal discomfort as only a small amount of enamel needs to be removed from the tooth. At One Two Three Dental, we use both porcelain and ceramic veneers, able to beautify your smile and provide a problem-free transformation.

Veneers are fixed, long lasting and comfortable. Our expert dentists design and construct the bespoke veneers with you, listening to your wishes to create a natural, beautiful and stunning smile.

Direct Composite Resin Veneers

Composite material is applied directly to the tooth and is crafted by the dentist whilst you are in the chair. Results are rapid, only requiring one visit; however, the long term quality and finish of the material is not as good and durable as porcelain veneers.

What does the treatment involve?

After your initial consultation, we take impressions or digital scans of your teeth and plan your treatment. We can even show you a preview of how your new smile will look!

We prepare your teeth for the veneers and make a note of the shade you would like them to be. The veneers are then custom made by hand. We fit temporary veneers to protect your teeth and your appearance between appointments.

When your veneers are ready, we ensure they are exactly as you expected before expertly fixing them securely into place.

Before and Afters

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5* reputation

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Is it painful to have veneers fitted?

No, we use modern, effective and comfortable local anaesthetic techniques during your treatment to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout, and many patients feel no discomfort at all. In the first few days following treatment your teeth may be more sensitive than normal, but this is temporary.

How long do veneers last?

If they are looked after carefully, veneers can last for many years. Different types of veneers vary in their lifespan, but typically they last 10 years+ and often much longer.

Can I choose any colour for my veneers?

Yes, the veneers are custom made to the shape, size and colour you wish. Our dentists design your veneers to your specifications and ensure a natural and beautiful smile is achieved.

Can veneers break?

Veneers are strong, durable and long lasting, but may still chip or break in some circumstances. This can happen if they are not cared for properly. Usually, a new veneer or crown can be placed if a repair is not possible.

Do veneers stain?

No, veneers do not stain. We use the most modern materials available which prevent this.

Do I have to clean my veneers?

Yes, it is important to brush your veneers just as you would with your natural teeth. This helps to keep the natural tooth underneath healthy and prevents it from becoming susceptible to decay. The best thing to do is to treat your veneers just like normal teeth.

Can my veneers be whitened once they are fitted?

Whitening treatment typically is not effective on veneers and lots of other dental restorations. If you are after a brighter and whiter look to your smile, we can arrange for your veneers to be made to reflect this. If you are not having a full set, we recommend whitening your natural teeth first, so your veneer can be made to match.

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