Making losing baby teeth extra special!

12th Dec 2019
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Losing baby teeth can be troubling for a young child, so here’s some special (and simple!) ideas from to help celebrate the loss of  your child’s baby teeth. These ideas are something you can do in addition to the Tooth Fairy (or without her) . We do hope you find one or several that you can incorporate into your celebration. 

1. A themed dinner

Apple Smiles

Make dinnertime all about your child with a simple, themed supper:

Cheese pizza: So your family can show off their cheesiest grins.

Milk: It seems like the quintessential ‘strong teeth and bones’ drink. You can always substitute in almond, soy, or whatever other kind of milk they like to drink.

Apple smiles: Be sure to remove a ‘tooth’ from the guest of honour’s smile.



2. A special tooth book

Mr Men and the Tooth Fairy Book

You can make this treat into a trip to the bookstore or library, or if you already have a tooth book, just make a plan to read it the night that your child loses his tooth.

What do we mean by a tooth book? A book about teeth, of course! Here are a few suggestions:

Mr Men and the Tooth Fairy by Roger Hargreaves

The Tooth Book by Dr Seus


3. A new ‘grown-up’ toothpaste

Growing grown-up teeth calls for getting grown-up toothpaste. Now that your child will have permanent teeth coming in, it’s important to protect those teeth right from the get-go especially when setting a routine for back-to-school.

ProEnamel Toothpaste

Get your child excited about it by presenting them with their very own tube of Pronamel® 6-12 Years Toothpaste for Kids which is specially designed to protect the precious enamel that is at its softest when those secondary teeth first come in.





Hopefully these ideas help you and your child celebrate in a fun and simple way. Which ones will you try? Let us know what ideas you used in the comments and you will be entered to win a children’s electric toothbrush.


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